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Skill Next
Skill Next Program
The Vision Behind the Program

Electric One Next Program is inspired by the future Vision about Automobile Industry and the need for electric Vehicles which will ultimately demand the EV-Engineers!

End of Internal Combustion Engines!

Accelerated by the increasing threat of climate change, the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) technology is getting phased out and replaced by Electric Vehicle (EV) technology.

In India, the EV adoption is inevitable and nowhere is it more apparent than urban roads of Gurgaon and NCR where the market has taken a lead and a budding fleet of E-Rickshaws, E-Scooters and E-Delivery vehicles are active and thriving.

The current Technology of IC engines will become obsolete in the next few years as the Government is playing a key role in pushing E-Mobility transformation through its flagship FAME policy. That’s the EV imperative. In the Auto Industry, it’s a ‘once-in-a-century’ disruption.

Future is Electric!

As per FAME policy (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles in India), Government is rigorously pushing for electrification of Automobiles with an ambitious target of 80% EV penetration for 2 & 3-Wheelers by 2030.

As per a recent report by global consulting company Arthur D’Little, the Indian EV industry will cross sales of 10 million units by 2030. Nearly 1 in every 10 EV’s sold worldwide by 2030 will be sold in India.

Need for EV Engineers!

With the increasing penetration of EV vehicles, the need and demand for EV Engineers will increase multifold.

Therefore the ‘Electric One – Skill Next Program‘ has been designed to educate, engage and elevate students to be future-ready in a rapidly changing EV environment.

Electric One’s “Skill Next” is strategically backed by 20 plus Indian EV OEMs and supported by German Research Institutes and Innovation Centers. Enjoying first-mover advantage, this is first-of-its-kind in the Indian education ecosystem and will immensely foster Industry’s deeper understanding between Industry and Academia.

The program will offer a gamut of things viz. Certification, Curriculum based credits, Live Projects, Startup opportunities and funding along with great career and higher education opportunities.

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