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1st Prize

Team Name: Vyakriti

College: Chandigarh University

Name of Participant

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 Ayan Harza

Udisha Paliwal

Salvin Rai

Project Details:

EcoRoute: The EVs Journey Optimization Solution

Route Planning for Electric Vehicles: The project incorporates the locations of charging stations into

the route planning process, which is a new approach compared to traditional methods.

Optimising Trip Duration: The algorithm calculates the optimal route and provides the locations of

charging stations with available charging slots or capacity to minimise trip duration, which is a novel way to optimise the driving experience.

Balancing Charging and Comfort: By balancing the need for electric vehicle charging with the desire for a comfortable and efficient journey, this project offers a unique and innovative solution to electric vehicle travel.

In conclusion, the hackathon project aims to bring innovation in the field of electric vehicle travel by optimising the route planning process and improving the overall driving experience.

2nd Prize

Team Name: Spambots

College: IIT Delhi

Name of Participant

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Shivoy Arora

Tushar Chandra

Divyam Khorwal

Janesh Kapoor

Project Details:

Problem Statement: Accessibility of EV Charging Stations, Temperature, and burning issues


Whenever a customer purchases an electric vehicle, he/she has to download various applications on their mobile phone, such as:

  • One application that the company offers for handling the EV. ]


  • Another application that the state/central government provides with information on charging stations near the customer.


  • Other applications that are developed by students/communities like us during hackathons or other side projects.


This creates a pain point in the mind of the customer. In addition, there is a risk of fire hazards, battery leakage, and other sensitive topics, due to which the customer prefers not to buy an electric vehicle. Because of all these problems, our team Spambots created NeonEV, an application that uses Data Science and Machine learning algorithms to detect fire and battery leakage within the electric vehicle. In addition, we plan to integrate every application that the government and private players offer into our application, i.e., NeonEV.

3rd Prize

Team Name: Curious Innovators Group

College: GD Goenka University

Name of Participant

Email ID

Shubham Shakti


Rohan Mathur


Project Details:

To decrease our dependence on fossil fuels and battery systems like lithium-ion technology that require rare earth metals and non-renewable toxic electrolytic chemicals and find an eco-friendlier way of storing energy, we invented a far more efficient and zero-carbon emission storage system.

The Electro-Spark Engine is a revolutionary approach to combine electrical systems such as solid-state batteries, engines, generators, and supercapacitor technologies to make the Energy Storage System much more efficient in Energy Density. It aims to increase the energy-weight density, making them entirely pollution-free and much more cost-efficient with faster-charging rates, and more charging/discharging cycles.

This engine can generate, store, and supply high-voltage electric current. It works on the principle of the Van de Graaff’s Generator based on static electricity that says when an isolated charged conductor is brought internally in contact with the hollow conductor, all the charges from the inner conductor are transferred to the surface of the outer conductor regardless of what amount of electrostatic charge is already present on the outer shell. Therefore, our idea is to make the entire body of the respective vehicle as the Van de Graaff’s generator’s shell instead of adding two or more hollow shells occupying more space. This integrated approach will also be more space efficient, and this engine will be able to accumulate a higher amount of electric charge.

To access our report on The Electro-Spark Engine, kindly refer to this google drive link :

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